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We Are OnPoint

Building on 40 years of experience!

At OnPoint, there’s a common thread that ties our team together: an innate drive to ensure that everything we do is executed with passion, integrity, and unrivaled attention to detail.

We are forward-thinkers, problem solvers, and dedicated strategists. We believe no challenge is too difficult, and no property is out of reach. With nearly four decades of real estate development experience to our name, we know that performing our job successfully is about far more than site sourcing or construction management or design and engineering: it’s about constantly building strategic relationships, a relentless dedication to industry research, open and clear client communication, and a thorough understanding of the intricacies of every single project we touch. Most importantly, it’s about dedicating ourselves to delivering on your behalf.

Todd Dwyer CEO
Todd Dwyer PE, PLS, President & Founder